The Magical Castle: a Christmas Dream

Culzean always feel like a magical place, especially at Christmas, when the Castle is decorated in wonderful ways and transports visitors to other times and places.

This year we saw Victorian servants, the Earl and his wife, faeries, the Ice Queen and of course, John, who was just so difficult to wake up!

Visitors were welcomed into the armoury by our butler and maid, who prepared them to meet the family and greet them in an appropriate way, with bows and curtseys.


Thankfully the Lady of the house was much more polite than our grumpy butler. She welcomed everyone into the library, where she read the Christmas classic ”Twas the night before Christmas’, some were even lucky enough to have a singalong with her.


The Castle was being prepared for the Christmas ball and the family was eager for John, the Earl’s son to wake up.

Our ‘un-invited’ guests were warmly greeted by the Governess of the house and the Earl, who was understandably feeling gloomy as his son John would just not wake up! As well as this, his servants were falling very far behind with decorating the house. Thankfully they had lots of children visiting who were very good at crafts and helped to decorate the Christmas tree in the Dining Room with Victorian cornucopias! Doesn’t it look beautiful?!

The chiming clock in the Oval Staircase was where the nanny was waiting for everyone to take them upstairs, to find John. Where did he go?

John was nowhere to be seen in his bedroom but strange things were going on, his toys had a life of their own!

Our guests soon realised that they had long left the land of reality and were transported to ‘DreamLand’ – meeting faeries who gifted each child with a magical willow wand and warding off the Ice Queen who did not want to share her magical nuts with anyone!

Through a starry starry night they rode and met with fairy-tale characters including Little Red Riding Hood and of course the Faeries and their Queen , who John was dancing with.

John just wouldn’t wake up! Everyone hoped that the final attempt to wake John up, by getting him to eat a slice of magic faerie dust in a delicious pie, would work…

With a pinch of magic and some fun and fantastic stories on the way, our visitors were greeted in the Kitchen by John who had woken up just in time for the Christmas ball!

If you were able to come along to the #MagicalCastle we hope that you enjoyed your day as much as we did, thanks to you, our visitors and to all our wonderful volunteers for making it such a magical day!

With best wishes from the team at Culzean for the festivities of 2016.




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