NTS Conservation Volunteers

Culzean welcomes a variety of visitors to the Country Park every day of the year.  Occasionally we welcome volunteer groups.  Conservation Volunteers come here from across the country for a working holiday.  These working holidays are for those who would rather put in some hard graft than lie on a beach in Spain – mind you the latter is definitely more appealing with our summer weather!


Conservation Volunteers can do a number of different tasks around the Country Park, and some of the groups we’ve had this year have done path work, built animal homes, undertaken wildlife surveys and improved the infrastructure of Culzean.

A few weekends ago, a Conservation Volunteer group travelled from Edinburgh to work at Culzean for the weekend.  This time we asked them to install some handrails down at the boardwalk that leads onto the beach at Ardlochan.  For those who are not familiar with the boardwalk, it is rather steep in places and handrails would certainly help with the climb, for visitors with mobility issues and without.


Even though the group had never installed and made handrails before, they did a superb job.  They took to the task like ducks to water and managed to install 4 sets of handrails over the weekend, one stretching the entire length of the steepest and longest section!  They also ripped up and installed new steps and attached chicken wire on the boardwalk too.

Next time you’re heading to the beach, take some time to admire their handiwork and try the new handrails for yourself.  I’m sure you’ll agree that it does make the climb a lot easier. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers, we really couldn’t do it without you!


Blog written by Seasonal Ranger Joanne King


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